Swarnprashan to boost immunity in ten villages by JVWU

Monday 04 Jan 2021 शिक्षा

Also renovated local integrated health centres

Jaipur, Jan 2 Dr Sanjay Pandey Happiness writ large on the faces of the men and women from these villages, around 50 kilometres from Jaipur, when they saw the interns of BHMS, BAMS and BNYS courses from Jyoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University arriving in droves there to give drops of ‘swarnaprashan’ (an ayurvedic medicine for boosting immunity) to their children aged between one and three as part of the ‘Pushya Nakhastra Community Health Program’ on Friday. After all they had been waiting for this very moment since morning braving the chilly weather conditions. As many as 300 children from ten villages were given drops of ‘swarnaprashan’ by the interns as scores of curious people watched in silent admiration. ‘’It was indeed a historic moment’’ said the advisor and founder of Jyoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University Dr. Panckaj Garg. Not only the children, three adult relatives of each child were also given the immunity booster homeopathic drug Arsenic Album. ‘’it’s an event which will be included in the world record…no one even thought about it much less do it,’’ an elated Dr. Garg said. For the improvement of the health of the villagers this ‘Pushya Nakshatra Samuhika Swasthya Karyakram’ was organized by Jyoti Vidyapeeth Mahila Vishwavidyalaya, located on Jobner- Mahala Road to increase their immunity and protect them from various types of infections. On this occasion, ten Local Integrated Health Centres (LIHCs) were also renovated by the University. It was inaugurated by the ‘sarpanches’ of the respective villages by opening the ribbona. Dr. Garg said that this program would be conducted on the occasion of about 10 Pushya Nakshatras respectively between January 1 and September 4. He said that Vedic Care and Sanskar Yojana, Vriddhajan Swasthya Yojana, Local Nutrition Scheme, Balika Health Scheme and Weekly Cow Stuff Yagna and Community Yoga Scheme will also be run after conception under Pushya Nakshatra Community Health Scheme. Dr. Garg said that a team of the Interns would check the health of every person at an interval of 15 days. The program was inaugurated by First India Channel CMD Jagdish Chandra and chancellor of the university Dr. Vidushi Garg . The event was telecast live by the channel. Dr. Ashish Dutta, professor emeritus, also expressed his views on this occasion. Well known ayurveda expert Pro-University Vaidya Kamalesh K Sharma, who also graced the occasion, said that such events would go a long way in creating a better infrastructure in the health field and help boost immunity of the people, which was so essential to tackle the pandemic. The ten villages in which it was organized are the sanctioned villages Kachroda, Waterfall, Hirnoda, Phulera, Asalpur, Bichoon, Rosadi, Devla, Kapadivas and Dhani-Boraj. Elaborating on the aims and objectives of the University, Dr. Garg said that the principal objective was women empowerment. ‘’Our focus remains the rural areas…women empowerment is the ultimate goal….we want to prepare independent, socially responsible, disciplined and skilled women,’’ he said.

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