Skin Care Homeo Cream for pregnant woman

Tuesday 29 Dec 2020 अनुसंधान

Patented by JVWU

The JV Anti Stretch Marks Skin Care Homeo Cream for Pregnant Woman is a natural ingredient cream concoction that helps in lightning the scar tissue and stretch marks caused by pregnancy and its factors in women. The cream uses active natural ingredients Thiosinaminum 1X, Calendula Q, and Echinacea Q and Calcarea Fluor 1X with a mixture of Vaseline to serve its purpose. The cream is prepared in homeopathic standard unlike other brands prevalent in the market which use chemical combinations which have harmful long-term effects. The cream aims to provide a solution for women who are often stressed or affected by the after effects of pregnancy and want to feel confident about their bodies again.This invention has been patented by Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University. The inventors of this cream isDr. Pankaj Garg who is also the patent holder along with his associates Dr.Alkajain, Dr. Ravi Jain, Dr. Rakesh Sharma and Dr. Ajay Kumar Jatolia. The Application filed for the on patent on 07/12/2020 and itwas published by the Govt on 11/12/2020.

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