International Women’s Day celebrated with enthusiasm at jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University

Tuesday 09 Mar 2021 कैंपस

The University has made its mark in the field of women education

Jaipur The otherwise calm and quiet premises of the Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University on Monday reverberated with the shouts of joyous students, who had put up stalls containing food items and other products, and were eager to sell them to the visitors. The entire premises of the University had come alive with the students dressed in colourful attires stood behind their respective stalls. After all it was the International Women’s Day. The Day had especial significance for the University, which had carved out a niche for itself in the country in the field of women’s education. No wonder the chairperson of the University Hon’ble Vidushi Garg visited each stall and while she appreciated the efforts of the students, she also had a taste of the food items there. The Chairperson inaugurated the ‘Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Gallery’ by the students. She also inaugurated University ‘Hunar Certification Chair’ on this occasion. So there was a stall of ‘Dal-Bati’, a typical Rajasthani cuisine besides ‘chaat’ and ‘pani-puri’. For the western food lovers there was a stall of ‘Belgian Waffle’ also. Crowds of students were seen around the food stalls. The department of fashion and design had also put up a stall selling beautifully designed dresses. For those, who wanted to get themselves photographed in colourful attires, there was the stall by the journalism students, who were with their cameras. Off course one had to shell out money from their pockets for the same. ‘’it’s an occasion to show case our talents also…..the students get ample opportunities to show case their talents in this University,’’ said Oshika Tomar, a third semester student of Journalism at the University. ‘’It’s an effort to do something innovative… encourage the students and the staff to show case innovative ideas, products,’’ said Dr. Panckaj Garg, the founder and advisor of the University.

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